About Ultra Beauty Salon

A bilingual unisex beauty salon in the heart of Hyde Square in Jamaica Plain.


Hair styling at Ultra Beauty Salon in the heart of Hyde Square in Jamaica Plain.

Mission Statement

For over 30 years, Ultra Beauty Salon has strived to provide excellent service to our clientele.  We listen to the customer first, above all else.  Our professional expertise is a form of artistry that we take pride in sharing with you. 

Ultra Beauty Salon provides a friendly, down-to-earth approach to your visit to the salon. We seek to create a space where inner and outer beauty, wellness, diversity, and laughter are celebrated in a relaxing, fashion-forward environment. 

We're dedicated to providing a memorable experience for each guest through exceptional service and technical excellence. We’ll go the extra mile to accomplish this mission with passion, expert advice, courtesy, and the utmost professionalism. 

At Ultra Beauty Salon, our mission is to inspire every client to achieve their personal best.  We believe there’s something beautiful in everyone. Style and healthy hair maintenance should coexist. Achieving a gorgeous style shouldn’t come at the sacrifice of your hair’s beauty and health.